Secure the aged and Assure the young To build a better community!

ElderFLY is a premier eldercare service provider in India. ElderFLY is aimed at addressing a social gap that most people are now ending up facing at some point of their lives, due to the general shift of family or society culture from a joint or symbiotic to a nucleated/independent one.

Our focus is on the ageing population who have been at the greatest disadvantage due to this paradigm shift. ElderFLY is at the core of an emergency service/ safety net aimed at senior citizens above the age of 60 and living alone.

The core idea of ElderFLY is to provide 24x7 emergency service from home to ER, senior citizen counselling, various engagements at any time of the day with a quickest response time , below 5km distance, at no extra cost or conditions, no max usage caps, after subscription to our services.
Fastest response to incidents

Fastest response to incidents

We ensure quick response to the incidents site and leave no room for any unforeseen situation occurring due to delay in action. We are making use of technology to cut down time to respond to the emergency and partnered with professionals with proven track record in terms of quick response and quality.....Time does matter!

Multi layered onboarding for response team to ensure utmost safety

Multi layered onboarding for response team to ensure utmost safety

Train and assess response staff in safety protocol. Equip with tools & skills. Monitor procedures & compliance. Report and document safety measures. Assess performance & safety. As we have a thorough process to induct professionals, also, we train them with expert paramedics and psychiatrists to take care of the elders in best possible way.... We care for you!

Live your best life. Focus on your mental wellbeing with us

Live your best life. Focus on your mental wellbeing with us

Elders often feel that they live a monotonous life or they don't have anybody to talk to or they don't find a place where they can find likeminded people. We have brought together a whole lot of things planned for elders where they don't feel alone, they can share what they really feel, they can never feel alone, we will also take of their daily routine planning to break the monotony....Let's stay engaged!

Errand-free living! Let us handle the hassle, so you don't have to

Errand-free living! Let us handle the hassle, so you don't have to

Why should our elders feel helpless in situations where they need something urgent but they have to wait for someone to help or they struggle to get it. We take care of every small thing that affects their life and provide it....we're just a call away!


  • Life Ally............Coming Soon!


  • Happiness Unlimited.........Coming Soon!

Overall Wellbeing Approach

We don't only focus on quick emergency support but we also take care of the social engagement, Happiness, Convenience and regular health monitoring.


Technology Equipped Care

We leverage technology for quicker response, Active health monitoring, Live video streaming at incident site, Health care analytics and engaged elderly for happiness and to avoid any health hazard situation.


Trust Assurance

We have adopted a thorough screening and training process of inducting the care team to ensure 100% safety and quality.


Quick Response

Our focus is on providing quick response when there is an emergency to overcome any unforeseen situation. To achieve this we are following various technology equipped solutions.



Our team will be very well trained through psychologists to ensure that the team is aware about how to deal with elderly, responsive, empathetic and knowledge about geriatric issues.

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